Travel diary – Peru

Travel diaries

“Along the routes of the Incas”

It’s just some time that I went to my native country in Peru.

I have sometimes a sensation like I was in a dream to have been there yet

In these days I will take part to a colletive exhibition about travel diaries in Ferrara.

I will show the original drawings of my travel-dream, of the research of my origins and of the history of the Incas.

The more I know about this ancient past and the more I feel astonished.

There was an entire world full of feelings, studies on the cosmology, the astrology, the common life that I had to discover and to feel mine.

I left Peru when I was only a baby on a little coloured cover.

For me that travel was a turning point of my entire existence. Nothing was more like before.

I am so glad and grateful to share my thoughts with other travellers.

And maybe it’s arrived the time to come back another time.

Another story, another rythme, another




Diana Carolina Rivadossi

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