Shaman studies


Playing with shapes

Playing with shadows

just thinking on how to create a shaman woman with deer’s horns


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Balck&white – Dark stories




Some time ago, a writer of Turin asked to me to illustrate his stories.

It’s a collection of dark tales where nothing is what it appears to be.

What I mean is that maybe these are not the classical sweet stories as there are now.

But I even thought that once tales were not so sweety, they had not an happy ending for everyone.

So i began a research of the old tales made of bloody endings and I found that maybe we were not so far from the traditions.

You can find the book on amazonBlog

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Paris mon amour

Blog, Travel diaries

04-cimitero montmartree

Paris is magic

You walk along the rivers of the Sein and even if it is raining or if there is a dazzling sun you will finish in the heart of the city

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